FLY – “Free Da Gang” [Music Video]

Pittsburgh rapper FLY is back with the official music video for his track “FREE DA GANG” produced by M. Tomlin and directed by Wiley Films. You can watch this new video above and here is what FLY had to say about the visual…

The story is based on fictional events for recording purposes of my fellow friends who were incarcerated last spring of 2016, but with dealings of different accusations. In the film, I’m basically portraying that I’m willing to do whatever it takes for the freedom of my gang. The main witness in the case (female) is being held hostage by myself and crew. Our intentions were good with a well thought out plan, only to be overturned by one simple mistake. Moral of the story is it only takes one wrong doing for your entire life to change forever. I showed I was willing to do whatever it took only to be reminiscing at the end of the video on choices I wished I never appointed.


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